Lady B Collective


Lady B Collective is a lifestyle blog and shop that focuses on women’s mental health and empowerment. The new brand was created from scratch, complete with logo, colors, fonts, and a website. This project started in December of 2017 and was completed in April of 2018. Additionally, we have been helping with on-going updates and digital marketing.

Goals and Objectives

Every design project should have tangible goals and objectives associated with the project purpose. Were you trying to optimize product pages for higher conversions? Drive more traffic to the site overall? Reduce cart abandon rates?

Creative Strategy

This is where you should explain your thought process behind the design. This could be in the form of design iterations, research processes, or creative insights. Don’t just show designs; explain why certain elements and imagery were used, and dive into detail about your creative process.

Metrics and Results

Sometimes it’s tough to get quantifiable results from a client, but if you can show prospects that your work was able to help past clients achieve results, they’ll be more confident in your abilities to do the same for them.

Client testimonial

“When I met with Morgan, he was very receptive of my thoughts and wants regarding the website. I wanted someone who was able to produce what I wanted, in a timely manner, but be flexible in the nature of the work. After speaking with him, I knew it would be a great fit.

I highly recommend Creative Cache for any projects. They are open-minded, efficient, easy to work with, and will get you the results you want.”

Erin Friedlieb, Owner of Lady B Collective